Note: VPN does not apply to the macOS version of zHome Plus.  If you wish to use a VPN with zHome Plus on your Mac you must configure it outside of zHome Plus.   On macOS zHome Plus will not automatically start your VPN connection if you are not on your local network where your HomeSeer Smart Home Automation system resides.

zHome Plus is an application designed to interface with the HomeSeer Z Wave automation platform.  It can be configured to support IPSec VPN access to your home network if you have a compatible shared secret VPN on your network.    You can create custom rooms, chose the control types for multi level devices and set custom icons for your rooms either from your photo library or by using the camera to capture a picture that will be used for the room icon image.

The User manual for ZHome Plus can be found:

VPN Information

We used the Libreswan VPN server running on a Raspberry Pi for our home VPN connection.  You can find the information on installing a Linux based VPN system here:

We recommend that you first create a VPN connection on your iOS device and verify that you have the proper credentials ( username/ password and shared secret ) properly configured and then you may input those settings into the VPN settings in zHome Plus settings. We set the network settings for zHome Plus to our local network IP address of the HomeSeer controller and then use a DNS name in the VPN settings.  If zHome Plus has been configured to use a VPN, it will first look for the HomeSeer system on a local network. If not available and VPN has been configured it will then start the VPN service and attempt to connect to the HomeSeer system via the VPN.

Multiple iOS Devices

If you have multiple iOS devices and have created a custom configuration you can then transfer all the settings from one iOS device to another via the Settings Menu.   Lake Hawk LLC, does not track any location or personal information.


This App includes the ability to show weather for USA locations. Location for weather can either be set using the device current location or by entering a valid US Zip Code. Included with the weather is the ability to see sunrise / sunset times and the current moon for today. You also have the ability to select a date and view the times for a specific date.  When the US Naval Observatory returns its online API services in the fall we will be adding in additional Solar and Lunar information.    We are currently evaluating other services to provide international weather information.


Z Wave devices that are not marked as hidden in the HomeSeer web interface will be shown in the app. It has the ability to define the type of control user interface elements for multi level devices such as dimmers and fan controls. You can select a slider, a step control or a segmented control that gives you options for low, medium, and high. In the Dimmer Default Settings screen you can also set what the default value will be when a device is turned on.

If the device is off then the controls for a multi level switch will be hidden. You only see the controls when you have the device on. On / Off switches have no controls other than the power button which will display green when on and red when off.

Rooms, Touch Controls, Icons

You can control the order of the room icons by holding them down and reordering them like you can with the icons on an iOS screen. If the device supports 3D touch then to initiate an action requires a pressure touch on the user interface button. For devices not capable of 3D touch then it requires a long touch in order to activate the button.

Icon images for the rooms can be selected from a devices Photo Library, or input using the iPhone camera. Default dimming levels can be set for devices.

Multi Level devices such as dimmer switches and fan controls can be configured to show a slider control, stepper control, or a multi segmented ( Low, Medium, High ) in the user interface.   Some devices like the HomeSeer Fan Control switch are configured with a setting that will result in the multi segmented control type as the only option and cannot be customized.  To allow for that you would have to edit the HomeSeer status graphics for those type of devices.  We have found it more appropriate to configure other fan controllers  like the GE Fan Control switch so that it also conforms to the same configuration in HomeSeer.  This way users are only presented with the 3 segment controls to select the fan speeds and is a clearer way to utilize fan controls.


Events will be shown if they have been assigned to a group names “Scenes”. The scene events can be executed from the Scenes screen.