zHome Plus

zHome Plus is used to control your home automation devices that are connected the HomeSeer Smart Home Automation System.  zHome Plus provides you with the ability to have multiple configurations for multiple HomeSeer systems, either at your home or multiple locations.  You can share the setup and configurations between your devices to save you from having to repeat configurations on multiple iPhone or iPad applications.  Coming Soon is a macOS version of zHome Plus as well.  You have a choice of two User Interface styles and the option of creating custom rooms and assigning custom icons to a room.  You can select room icons from your photo library or you can use your iPhone or iPad camera and add a photo direct to the zHome Plus app.

zHome Plus offers users a free 7 day trial. After the trial period there is a one time purchase price. zHome Plus is not a subscription based app. It is a one time purchase after your free trial.

zHome Plus is available on the Apple App Store.

Jekyll Island Mobile App

A Lake Hawk now provides the Jekyll Island Mobile App on both Apple and Android platforms.

Get it on Google Play